Esker Beer


Brand, Identity & Packaging

Born in the Hills Shire of Sydney, as part of a restructure of the beer offering at the Australian Brewery. @zendoke was engaged to create an everyday craft beer brand that connected not only with the brewery staff, but the wider Western Sydney community.The creative concept behind the Esker Brand & Packaging centres around the idea of life’s journey being a path. A path that takes you on winding adventures, be it around the world, or simply around Sydney. You could be chasing a career, traveling the far reaches of the earth; or just going for a hike in the Blue Mountains.  Eventually that journey will return you to the place you call home, in this case the Hills Shire of Western Sydney; be it today, tomorrow, or in 30 years. It’s what you do with that time in-between that counts; and Esker is here to go along for that ride.