Cheeky Monkey
Brewing Co


Brand Strategy, Identity & Packaging

Zendoke worked collaboratively with fellow creative Dipesh Prasad (Peche) to bring together a unified vision for Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. We helped develop a brand strategy that was authentic to them and easy for the company to embrace. The refreshed brand was applied across an extensive and diverse range of touch points, including their core range beer package.

Our focus on converting beer information into easily digestible visual communication, formed the cornerstone of our design approach. Simplifying the “craft beer speak” into simple, punchy infographics, can appeal to both seasoned craft beer drinkers and those wanting to learn more. The design across the range deviates and positions itself based on the audience it is trying to reach. The IPA’s have the freedom to be a bit wild in their approach, unlike the XPA and Draught, which are toned down to be more conservative, to appeal to a wider range of tastes and environments.